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Argentus Property Management Agents

Welcome to Argentus

Argentus operates as a highly efficient Property Management Agent with a fresh, practical, hands-on approach to the maintenance and upkeep of all managed properties.


Download information on how property is managed in Ireland and how to make sure that your property is well managed.

Management Services

Cleaning Services

At Argentus, we tailor our service to suit the customer's needs. This means we can work with either your existing cleaning service, our own staff or an outside service depending on which can provide the best and most cost effective service for our client.

We can cover whatever level of service the client needs - the most common of which are:

  • Cleaning for Corridors / Hallways / Stairs / Lifts
  • Maintaining the Refuse Collection Areas
  • Maintaining of Cobblestones / Brickwork
  • Window Cleaning - Typically Bi-Annually
  • Organise Mats for Doors

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